Version 4.0 is finally completed and is available for purchase. We will begin shipping by the end of November, 2011.

Price is $49.95 + $5.00 shipping.

Thundersnow Interactive and the Southern Weed Science Society are proud to announce the Interactive Encyclopedia of North American Weeds, Version 4.0.  Seven years of development have produced an extensively expanded and updated teaching and reference software program on weed, crop, and plant identification. The Windows DVD-ROM contains interactive tutorials on plant identification, animations, hundreds of custom illustrations, and over 4,300 photographs. Now covering 690 weed and crop species with complete descriptions, habitats, toxic properties, distribution maps for the continental United States (including Alaska) and Canada, and descriptions for 81 plant families. There are illustrations and World of Weeds history articles on many of the weeds. A unique graphical interactive key to the weeds has been expanded with a new key to the sedges. An illustrated glossary of 595 botanical terms is a program in itself! The nearly three hours of professionally narrated interactive lessons on the principles of plant taxonomy and morphology make this a comprehensive resource for everyone interested in plants. An excellent resource for farmers, ranchers, gardeners, horticulturalists, groundskeepers, botanists, students, and plant lovers everywhere! This title is used by high schools, colleges and universities, and corporations around the world as a training and reference tool in the biological and agricultural sciences. ThunderSnow Interactive developed much of the content, coordinated content experts, digitized the media assets and produced the program. Version 1 of this title won the "Labor of Love" award at the 1996 Asymetrix Worldwide developers conference.

Click here to view a demonstration of the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) home page from the Interactive Encyclopedia of North American Weeds DVD-ROM. We have duplicated the DVD-ROM as closely as possible within the limits of DHTML.

Click here to view the weed homepage demo!

New features in Version 4.0 include:

- 243 additional weed and crop species (690 species total)
- Over 4,300 full-color photographs
- Illustrated glossary of 595 botanical terms
- Line illustrations from USDA's Common Weeds of the
   United States

- Presentation maker for user-customized navigation
   (Note: Presentation Maker now only covers the weed id    tutorial section of the program)
- Interactive identification key to all weed and crop species
   - Now includes a visual key to the sedges
- Updated U.S. and Canada distribution maps (includes
- Descriptions of 81 plant families
- Professionally narrated lessons
- World of Weeds: History of weeds

Download a list of weeds and crops in the program by common name:
  (Adobe Acrobat pdf file)

Download a list of weeds and crops in the program by scientific name:
  (Adobe Acrobat pdf file)

Download a list of weeds and crops in the program by plant family:
  (Adobe Acrobat pdf file)

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*  Compatible with 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and 7!

Note: We produced this program as a donated gift to the SWSS and do not receive any compensation. We cannot accept orders at ThunderSnow Interactive.

Now in Book Form!

For 'traditionalists' the Southern Weed Science Society and the University of Georgia Press have recently published two books based on the DVD.

- Weeds of the South

- Weeds of the Midwestern United States and Central Canada

Both are available at all local and on-line booksellers.